Cortland Repertory Theatre presents Appointment of Death

"Thank God for the supporting characters - they were the best part.  [T]he grandiose Lady Westholme, played by Jeremy Parker, one of my favorite CRT actresses [...] puts in a consistently great performance." -Katie Keyser, Cortland Standard

Cortland Repertory Theatre presents Footloose

"One team is made up of elders, starting with the reverend's sympathetic wife, Vi, (Ms. Jeremy Parker). [...] Vi support[s] the prevailing ethos in 'Learning to be Silent.'  And the thematic center of the show comes with Vi's solo, 'Can You Find It In Your Heart,' with actress Parker seizing the moment." -James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

"And [one of] the two wives of strict men, Vi Moore - played by Jeremy Parker - killed me in [her] 'Learning to Be Silent,' about not making waves at home." -Katie Keyser, Cortland Standard

Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati presents First Date

"...when you add a team like the one assembled by D. Lynn Meyers, you get a big, fat, undeniable hit. [...] Parker...brings personality and consistency in her roles as a Jewish grandmother, Casey's sister, and Aaron's late mother." -Kirk Sheppard,

"Jeremy Parker...[is] to a person, fabulous...essential not only to the story itself, but to DeGeorge's deft staging as well." -David Lyman, The Cincinnati Enquirer

Human Race Theatre Company presents Master Class


"Jeremy Carlisle Parker [as Sophie]...spends most of the first act trying to please the demanding Callas, or at least be heard.  She gets to sing only a brief bit of her aria, sadly.  We want more.  But her characterization, expressed at times only with fleeting facial reactions, is top notch and ranges from terrified to angry." - Jacqui Theobald, Dayton City Paper

"...sweet, but innocent Sophie de Palma, played by Jeremy Carlisle Parker...has a fragile soul that Callas just tears apart.  Parker's cheerfulness shines through and provides the perfect counter balance to the darkness around Callas." -Mike Woody,

"Singing Bellini's 'Sonnambula,' Jeremy Carlisle Parker...brings personable unease and reticence to her endearing portrayal of timid soprano Sophie de Palma." - Russell Florence, Jr.,

Cortland Repertory Theatre presents Always, Patsy Cline 


"Actress Jeremy Parker, in the role of Seger, contrasts with [Cline].  Her a cheerful, zestful person with a big, ready laugh..." - Neil Novelli,


"...the storytelling snazz of Texas, Louise Seger, played by Jeremy Parker, makes the piece snap...that storyteller was fresh.  Parker is absolutely necessary to bring the piece to life.  She is all attitude, sashaying around the stage..." - Katie Keyser, Cortland Standard

Cortland Repertory Theatre presents The Addams Family


" is blond Ms. Jeremy Parker as the gauche Alice Beineke who steals the hilarity laurels in her show-stopping 'Waiting.'  Underneath that chamber-of-commerce exterior rages a ghoul wanna-be." - James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times


"She bares it all.  Parker has a voice that is so wonderful.  She is a riot, playing a phony woman and then one who lets it all hang out."  - Katie Keyser, The Cortland Standard


"The rest of the supporting cast shines...Jeremy Parker is fine in the familiar, but showy role of Alice Beineke."  - Len Fonte,

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